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Come in and visit the puppies and their new families on their own pages... read what their new moms & dads have to say about
OshoZen Akitas.
OshoZen's Soudai Takaramono - OshoZen Akitas and Mike Lozano of Austin, Texas  (translates to Majestic Treasure)
OshoZen's Sazan Kurosu - OshoZen Akitas and Mike Lozano of Austin,  Texas (translates to Southern Cross)
OshoZen's Samoya Budo NoKyosho - The Kabel Family,
The Netherlands & Hans Kabel California
OshoZen's Utsukushi Kao, Kerstin Ackerman of Austin, Texas ( translates to Beautiful Dark Face)
OshoZen's Pedal to the Medal, The Mederios', Visalia, California
OshoZen's Spice of Life at Daiyu, OshoZen Akitas and Daiyu Akitas; San Antonio & China Grove, Texas
Sassy X Bushido March 2000 litter.