1 boy and 1 girl born 28 March 2001 Look below to see our new spring "blossoms"
Sassy X Bushido
Male - "Honcho"
Female - "Belle"
Could not resist these pictures - all taken at 2 days old.
Weighing in at birth at 1 lb. 4oz. each they are now at day 7 and 2lbs. 11oz and 2lbs. 14 oz respectively.  With all that milk to drink by themselves it's no wonder they are growing so fast ;-).
Here they are at 3 weeks old and about 7 pounds a piece. (left) (below) taking a well deserved rest after having their dinner - that's their moms dinner in the picture - these guys are still too young for anything but mothers milk.
Left - is "Belle" at 3 weeks
and to the right is "Honcho"
at 3 weeks.
Honcho (left) and Belle (right) at 5 weeks old weighing in at 12lbs. 8 oz and 11lb.s 12oz respectively