Honcho was returned to OshoZen Akitas as an owner give up - Sadly his first owner no longer thought an Akita would fit into his life as he was getting married.  Honcho's sad story is a prime example of why most breeders don't want to place dogs with single men or women. 
Happily, Honcho has been Adopted!!!!  Thank you for taking him into your lives and hearts John & Terri Lesho of Kellar Texas!!!  John & Terri came down to San Antonio to meet Honcho while he visited the public and I showed his older sisters at the San Antonio Dog Show - it was love at first sight on both ends and the rest is now a happy new beginning :-)
"Honcho" carries a beautiful bright white coat and gorgeous dark mahogany coloring not to mention his fathers fabulous headpiece & temperament - I am very proud of this youngster!!! 

All photos below were taken at 11 months old and 100 lbs.
If you didn't already know - one characteristic of an Akita is their BIG PINK TONGUE! see below right :-)
Trying his best to flirt with his Mom Sassy - 
Just some baby pics I had fun "painting." Pics taken at 4 weeks.
Left & Right
I said Good Bye while he said HELLO! :-)
OshoZen's Number One Son  "Honcho"
Ch "Bushido" X "Sassy" litter 2001
See more pictures of Honcho below.

He is so loved and so spoiled!
Click here to see how "Honcho" has grown.!
NEW 2006 Pictures
The family now lives in Ohio and he loves it!!